The Eco-Friendly White Paper  Tray are perfect choice for your quick serve restaurant, drive-through window, snack bar, or concession stand.  There are 5 sizes  to choose ,It's very popular in America ,Customezied sizes are available. They are compostable if you choose  PLA lined inside . PLA (PLA is made from starch feedstock proposed from renewable plant resources such as corn)  and PE Lined Paperboard  are available. Brand logo can be printed  if you would like to show your company logo on it . The raw material used  food contact grade White paper and Nature Kraft paper which are certified by FSC .

About ColinPak's Paper Bowls Bulk Sale:

Crafted in the bustling hub of Filinpack, our state-of-the-art factory in Ningbo, China, these ingenious paper boat plates are your passport to eco-friendly dining experiences.

  • Factory Strength: Made in our state-of-the-art, 9000-square-meter Filinpack factory in Ningbo, China.
  • Global Reach: Servicing clients across Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Bulk Pricing: Competitive rates that become even more attractive when you scale up.

Core Materials


  • Virgin Pulp: High-quality, often FSC-certified pulp serves as the base.
  • Recycled Paper: Some manufacturers also use recycled paper, especially for non-food applications.


  • Wax Coating: Used to offer moisture and grease resistance.
  • PLA Coating: A biodegradable, compostable alternative often used to make the bowl more eco-friendly.

About disposable paper bowl:


  • Leak-Proof: Thanks to advancements in coating technologies, today's paper bowls can hold liquids without giving you an unwelcome surprise.

  • Heat Resistance: Ideal for hot foods, modern disposable paper bowls can withstand high temperatures without disintegrating.


  • Variety of Sizes: From small bowls for dips and sauces to larger ones for meals, the size options are abundant.

  • Lids or No Lids: Some bowls come with optional lids, making them perfect for takeaway or delivery.


  • Biodegradable: Many disposable paper bowls are biodegradable, breaking down naturally over time.

  • Sustainably Sourced: Choose bowls made from FSC-certified materials for an eco-friendly choice.


  • Design and Branding: Many manufacturers offer custom printing options, transforming your bowls into a canvas for your brand.

Features and Benefits:

Navigating the Seas of Sustainability

Made from FSC certified raw materials, these boat plates affirm ColinPak's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Your clientele will certainly appreciate your conscious choice, strengthening your brand equity.

Versatile Vessel

Whether it's Sushi, Burgers, or Salads, these boat plates are up for the task. They offer 360-degree convenience, effectively hosting a variety of foods while emphasizing their aesthetic appeal.


Just like any seafaring vessel needs its sail, our paper boat plates can be adorned with your brand logo or any other custom designs. Make your mark in the high seas of competitive food delivery or restaurant service.

Smooth Sailing Durability

Worry not about turbulent waters; these boat plates are as durable as they are stylish. Made with high-quality materials, they ensure that your food stays fresh and secure during transit, even through the stormiest delivery conditions.


Fine Dining Restaurants: Add a touch of uniqueness to your table setup.
Fast Food Chains: Embrace sustainability without compromising on style or quality.
Catering Services: Dazzle your clientele with packaging that is as memorable as the cuisine you offer.