Square Noodle Boxes

Square Noodle Boxes Benefits:

There are many benefits of using instant Noodle Boxes, such as cost savings, it is a very economical way to pack and transport the noodles, and these noodle boxes are usually made of lightweight and low-cost materials, so the price is relatively low.
In addition, instant noodle boxes can save space, these instant noodle boxes can be stacked to maximize the use of space, which is very suitable for storage and transportation.Noodle boxes are made of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials and can be in direct contact with food, which is very safe and hygienic.

How many lasagna noodles in a box?

Usually, noodle boxes can be used to hold various kinds of food. But people are still interested in how much lasagna the noodle box can hold. Generally speaking, most lasagna noodle boxes will contain 12 to 16 uncooked lasagna noodles. However,  the amount of lasagna noodles per box can vary depending on the brand and size of the box.
One of noodle box suppliers in China-Colinpak
Colinpak is a square noodle box supplier in China,we can produce a variety of customized noodle boxes for customers, and we can customize logos and patterns. We have our own factory, each production process is supervised and controlled by specialists, so our quality is guaranteed.
If you need to find a supplier of high quality noodle boxes, you can contact us, we are happy to cooperate with you!

Our Square Noodle Boxes Advantage:

All of kraft take away boxes can be  Printed with Eco-friendly bean ink.  PLA (Ingeo PLA (Polylactic acid, derived from cornstarch) )  and PE Lined Paperboard  are available. The raw material used  food contact grade White paper and Nature Kraft paper which are certified by FSC .

  • FSC™ Paper 
  • Bioplastic Lining
  • Certified industrially Compostable (AS4376) & (EN13432)