For a packaging strategy that meets your unique needs and budget, with more than 10 years of industry experience at your disposal, look no further. ColinPak is here to elevate your brand image and enhance your customer experience.

Quality Material:

Crafted with FSC certified raw materials, these Premium Burger Boxes uphold the highest standards of sustainability. Robust and eco-friendly, they keep your burgers safe and fresh, all while making a stylish statement.

Design Excellence:

The Premium Burger Boxes are not just boxes; they're an experience. The elegant design coupled with custom printing options allows you to emboss your brand's logo or exclusive designs. It's like slipping a burger into a tuxedo; casual eating meets sophistication.

Sustainability Commitment:

Adhering to ColinPak's ethos, these boxes are responsibly sourced. The love for our planet is sealed within each box, ensuring that every burger not only tastes good but feels good to consume.

Diverse Use Cases:

Whether you're catering to the bustling streets of Europe, the dynamic markets of the USA, or the eclectic tastes of Asia and the Middle East, our Premium Burger Boxes fit right in. Customizable to your needs, they're as diverse as the palates they cater to.

Factory Excellence:

Produced in our very own Filinpack factory located in Ningbo, China, these boxes go through rigorous quality checks. Spread over 9000 square meters, the factory is a hub of innovation, producing packaging that transcends ordinary norms.

A Marketing Tool:

Consider these boxes as silent salesmen. They don't just carry food; they carry your brand's identity. Encasing your burger in one of our Premium Burger Boxes is like giving a wordless testimonial of quality, class, and responsibility.