Noodling boxes-Round Noodle Boxes:

Paper noodling boxes, known colloquially as 'noodling boxes,' are an adaptable packaging solution. They can be tailored to various sizes and designed with custom branding, allowing businesses to emblazon their logo and design motifs on every box. This ensures that every takeaway or delivery becomes an opportunity to reinforce brand identity. Perfect for storing and transporting noodles, noodling boxes are made of food-grade materials such as PLA or PE, are environmentally friendly and hygienic, and do no harm to the environment. The round noodle box can be used in hot and cold environments and can withstand ambient temperatures from minus 25 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the top lock of the circular noodle box can prevent food spillover, achieve a better food sealing effect, and ensure the freshness of the food, therefore, the circular noodle box is a good choice for restaurants and various food takeout industries to package food. It's essential to focus on the multifaceted benefits they offer to businesses in the food industry. These containers aren't just receptacles for carrying food; They are a canvas for branding, a statement of environmental responsibility, and a practical solution for food transport.

How to choose noodle box packaging

Choosing the right noodle box packaging is very important for the transportation and storage of noodles and other foods, and there are mainly the following points that can be used to select the right noodle box for reference:
1. The hardness of the noodle box packaging. This is a very important factor, only choose a strong material made of noodles box, in order to prevent the rupture and leakage of the packaging in the process of transportation.
2. Choose the right style and shape of noodle box packaging. Because the shape and style of the noodle box packaging can usually give the buyer the impression of the store and enhance the customer's brand recognition, the packaging will enhance the appeal of its food, so different businesses usually carry out personalized design in the style and shape of the noodle box.
3. Sealing. Whether the sealing of food packaging is good is very important, mainly in order to do not leak or lose the freshness of food during transportation, so usually the noodle box packaging needs to have a better closing effect.

About Chinese Noodle Box:

The Chinese Noodle box packaging  is easy to carry around while go out  ,the special lock on the top of round noodle box can keeps food from spilling over , you  can take the food away and enjoy it in the office ,at  home or outside. White Paper with Double PE coated of Noodle Box  make them leak and grease resistant ,also they do not soil the hands when using . All of White Noodle Boxes can be  Printed with Eco-friendly bean ink and customized . PLA (PLA is made from starch feedstock proposed from renewable plant resources such as corn)  and PE Lined Paperboard  are available. The raw material used  food contact grade White paper and Nature Kraft paper which are certified by FSC .
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