Find All the Accessories you need to make customer takeaway faster and easier. Strong enough Cup Holders are the best choice for coffee and drinks to go ,It comes with 4 cup carries with a bult-in handle ,There is no need to use extra plastic to pack.The flat layout of our disposable drink carriers for delivery helps save space and delivery cost . Corrugated fluted and kraft paper no any lining material means 100% biodegradable, a good choice for our planet.

How to make a coffee cup sleeve?

The production of coffee cup sleeve needs to go through a series of processes. In ColinPak, there are mainly the following steps:

1. Material Sourcing at ColinPak

ColinPak prides itself on sourcing:

High-Quality Recycled Paper: In line with their commitment to sustainability.

Certified Food-Safe Inks: Ensuring the safety of all coffee lovers.

2. Design Tailoring

Clients provide their desired branding or artwork.

The in-house ColinPak design team can also craft custom designs, optimized for sleeve printing.

3. Precision Printing

ColinPak's state-of-the-art printers ensure crisp and vibrant prints.

Regular maintenance and calibration guarantee consistency across large batches.

4. Die-Cutting Mastery

Custom-made die-cutters, tailored for coffee cup sleeves, ensure a perfect cut every time.

ColinPak's commitment to reducing waste means optimizing layouts for minimal material loss.

5. Seamless Assembly

Automated machines roll and adhere each sleeve, ensuring uniformity.

A specialized, non-toxic adhesive guarantees the sleeve stays intact without any risk to consumers.

6. Rigorous Quality Control

Every batch undergoes stringent checks.

Random samples are tested for durability, print quality, and adhesive strength.

7. Eco-Packaging

In line with their green initiatives, ColinPak uses minimal and recyclable packaging.

Bundles are clearly labeled for easy distribution and inventory management.

8. Efficient Distribution Network

ColinPak's fleet ensures timely deliveries to cafes, restaurants, and retailers nationwide.

Their tracking system allows clients to know the exact ETA of their orders.

9. Recycling Initiative

Partnering with various outlets, ColinPak collects used sleeves.

These are processed and reincorporated into their recycled paper source, completing the sustainability loop.

What is the Applications of a Cup Holder?

1. Automotive Industry

Cars, Trucks, and SUVs: In-built in the dashboard, center console, or even doors.

Motorcycles & Bicycles: Attachable holders for riders on the go.

2. Household Furniture

Recliners & Sofas: Integrated holders in the armrests for those cozy movie nights.

Beds: Special bed trays with cup holders for breakfast in bed.

3. Public Transportation

Trains & Buses: Foldable cup holders for commuters.

Airplanes: Incorporated into the back of folding trays or armrests.

4. Strollers and Wheelchairs

Attachable or in-built holders to ensure convenience for parents on the go or individuals with mobility challenges.

5. Outdoor & Leisure

Lawn Chairs & Beach Chairs: Often come with mesh or solid cup holders.

Boats & Kayaks: Holders that prevent spilling while navigating waters.

6. Entertainment Venues

Cinemas & Theaters: Seats equipped with cup holders for beverages.

Sports Stadiums: Seats designed with holders for those thrilling game moments.

7. Workspaces

Office Chairs: Some modern designs include cup holders.

Computer Desks: Attachable holders to prevent spills near electronic equipment.

8. Exercise Equipment

Treadmills & Exercise Bikes: Holders to keep hydration within arm's reach.

9. Camping & Picnicking

Portable Tables & Chairs: Designed with holders for outdoor convenience.

10. DIY & Crafts

Homemade Holders: Crafted for specific needs, like sewing stations, workshops, or gardening benches.

11. Events & Festivals

Temporary Seating: Chairs with holders for concerts, fairs, or outdoor gatherings.

Where to buy coffee cup sleeves?

To ensure authenticity and get the best deals, we can consider buying directly from COLINPAK or their authorized distributors. It guarantees you get genuine products and possibly the best after-sales service. If you're specifically looking for coffee cup sleeves, it's best to directly reach out to us and leave a message now!